Digital-to-Microfilm Archive Writing

Whether you provide us with digital images or we create them for you, we can capture and preserve these images on high resolution 16mm archival microfilm that is rated to last 500 years!  We utilize the Fujifilm AR-1000 Document Archive System, which we are also an authorized dealer of.  The AR-1000 is fast, easy to use and maintain and produces higher resolution film than competing microfilm archiving systems.

The primary benefits of the FUJIFILM AR-1000 Document Archive System are:

  • The finest resolution in the industry
  • Supports input of more than 50 file types including PDF, JPEG, GIFF, etc…
  • Parallel processing speeds production flow, providing quick return on investment
  • Nationwide support and service
  • Special features that enable reproduction of large format drawings, maps, etc…
  • Virtual roll preview to view images prior to filming

The system utilizes Fujifilm Archive Media AM-66 microfilm which was developed by Fujifilm engineers specifically for the AR-1000. This film enables the accurate reproduction of documents in super-fine detail on a storage media that is expected to last 500 years.

To learn more about the FUJIFILM AR-1000 Document Archive System, click one of the following links to view the brochure, view a brief demonstration of the features and functions of the AR-1000 Document Archive System or read an actual case study detailing how Westchester County Archives and Records Center uses the AR-1000 to improve efficiency and save space.

To purchase an AR-1000, please feel free to contact us anytime. We offer demonstrations and film samples at no cost.

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