Why Outsource?

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Outsourcing to IMA

Converting documents from one format to another is a specialized business and is often more involved than one might think. Documents come in all sizes, shapes, colors and forms and the equipment and labor required to convert them is expensive, keeps changing and requires frequent maintenance as well as experienced operators. Whether the work is performed on-site or off-site, it typically pays to outsource these functions to specialists rather than incur the expense of hiring in-house staff, acquiring and learning the necessary systems. 

Why Outsource?


As specialists, we continuously evaluate and invest in the best conversion equipment and technology available. Our knowledge of this technology and the expertise of our staff enable us to provide you with highly competitive pricing and turnaround times. The “unknowns” of document conversion are eliminated and your costs become predictable. As technology changes, you do not have to invest to keep up, we do.


In addition to being monitored during production, all IMA jobs are subjected to a thorough quality control inspection. Our staff is experienced and knows how to uncover and correct problems that might ordinarily go undetected. Our equipment delivers the highest quality output and is operated by experienced technicians.


Our seasoned staff is dedicated to document preparation, scanning and indexing and we have the ability to operate with multiple shifts, around the clock. We have developed methods to automate manual processes through technology. For our customers, this results in reduced costs and quick turnaround on jobs that could take months or years if performed in-house.


Whether it is payroll processing or overnight shipping, outsourcing usually pays. When outsourcing document conversion to IMA, you get to focus on what you do best and so do we. Maintaining focus on your core competencies and leaving the rest to specialists is a proven way to control costs and grow. The pressure of meeting deadlines and quality standards on an in-house document conversion project can easily become a distraction from your overall mission.


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